Texas Tech University

Klay Davis

Internal Vice President

Fellow Red Raiders,

My name is Klay Davis and I am from Florence, Texas. Currently, I am a senior animal science major with a minor in business. I have been involved with the Student Government Association since my freshman year starting with the First Year Council. I have also served in the capacity of a College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Senator for two terms as well as Sergeant-at-Arms.

As internal vice president, I will preside over the Student Senate for the 56th session. That being said, your student senators are responsible for representing the constituents of their respective colleges, which is why I plan to lead the Student Senate in lucrative fashion to ensure they never lose their passion for serving as the voice for their constituents. Please, never hesitate to stop by my office in the SUB Room 302 at or contact me at klay.davis@ttu.edu at any time with any questions, concerns, or ideas you might have.

Wreck ‘Em Always!