Texas Tech University

A&S Faculty Members Recieve Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Awards

Two faculty members from the College of Arts & Sciences will be honored with the Chancellor's Council Distinguished Awards. Dr. Nicholas G. Smith and Dr. Sarah E. Victor will be presented with the 2024 Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Award. Each recipient will receive $5,000 and an engraved medallion.

These accolades are made possible through the generous contributions of the Chancellor's Council, a dedicated group supporting the university system's mission. The selection process involves nominations from each college, followed by a comprehensive review by faculty, associate deans, and former Chancellors. Applications are then divided into two committees, one for STEM and one for social sciences and the arts.

Nick Smith

Dr. Smith, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological  Sciences, is an active researcher and heads the Plant Ecophysiology  Lab at Texas Tech. His research delves into the intricate relationship  between terrestrial plants and the global climate system. Dr. Smith is particularly interested in understanding how plants respond to  various environmental conditions and the implications of these  responses for global environmental change.




Sarah E. Victor Dr. Victor is a dedicated researcher and assistant professor in the  Department of Psychological Sciences, researcher specializing in the field of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and suicide. She focuses on identifying risk factors associated with these issues across individuals, contributing significantly to her field.




Both awardees have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields, showcasing innovation and collaboration within academia. Their achievements not only impact the college but also contribute significantly to the university's overall mission and standing.