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Information for Families

The 14 Signs of Autism

  1. May avoid eye contact
  2. May prefer to be alone
  3. Echoes words or phrases
  4. Difficulty interacting with others
  5. Spins objects or self
  6. Insistence on sameness
  7. Inappropriate attachments to objects
  8. Inappropriate laughing or giggling
  9. May not want cuddling
  10. Difficulty in expressing needs; may use gestures
  11. Inappropriate response or no response to sound
  12. No real fear of dangers
  13. Apparent insensitivity to pain
  14. Sustained unusual or repetitive play' uneven physical or verbal skills

Credit: Future Horizons

Additional Family and Community Services

The Burkhart Center is pleased to offer the following family and community services. Learn more.

  • Outpatient Services
  • Intensive Behavioral Intervention Clinic
  • Family Resource Support Line
  • Burkhart Transition Academy
  • Project CASE
  • Burkhart Walk for Autism Awareness
  • Camp Burkhart
  • Family Fun Days
  • Parents' Night Out
  • Saturday Workshop Series