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The Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion serves as a resource for those that will be running summer camps, experiential experiences on campus during the summer months and throughout the year.   Due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the United States and globally, the hosting these types of events on campus will change. We have compiled best practices, resources and considerations for planning these experiences.  Now is the perfect time to review and update policies for events, camps and large group meetings on campus. The American Camp Association (ACA) and YMCA are working together to create a Camp Operations Guide to provide educational resources for both day and overnight camps. Below you will find up to date resources and best practices that are meant to help spread awareness of the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure safety to participants and employees during summer programs.

The State of Texas and Texas Tech University are committed to providing a safe and educationally enriching environment for all guests and participants of camps or programs held on University property. Any camps involving minors should register through the Minors on Campus website and adhere to specific guidelines set forth by the TTU Office of Risk Management.

Please refer to the Office of Communications & Marketing, Operations Division , Office of Research and InnovationHuman Resources and Office of the Provost for TTU specific updates.

Texas Tech COVID19 Awareness and Training Resources are available here.



CDC Recommendations

CDC Camps-Youth Program Opening Guidelines

Can we host our event?  Should we host our event? This chart offers assistance in deciding if you are ready to host a camp or youth event 

State of Texas Overnight Camp Guidelines 

Governor's Strike Force to Open Texas - Overnight Youth Camp Operators Minimum Standard Health Protocols

State of Texas Day Camp Guidelines

Governor's Strike Force to Open Texas -  Day Youth Camp Operators Minimum Standard Health Protocols

CDC Childcare and Youth Program Resources

A collection of CDC guidelines for childcare and youth programs, including FAQ for administrators

Hand washing- Making it effective (CDC) 

How to make sure we are making hand-washing an effective preventative measure 

Use of Hand Sanitizer (CDC)  

When should you use hand sanitizer and how often?  This guide presents the do's and dont's of using hand santizer 

Wearing Face Masks

This guide will inform you of the correct way to wear face masks to protect yourself and others  

CDC Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting  

This Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting is intended to reduce risk of exposure in public spaces. This Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting tool outlines how to develop a safe plan.

Health and Wellness 

COVID-19 Considerations- Association of Camp Nursing

How we can utilize best practices from camp healthcare workers as well as  considerations of what happens if someone gets sick during camp  

Example Screening Form for First Day 

An example of effective screening for campers at check in  

Template for Communicable Disease Plan

A template for creating a plan in case someone gets sick at camp 

How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Help for parents or counselors to discuss the virus with children

Supporting Children and Teens during COVID-19

Ways to provide guidance and help for children or teens who may be concerned about COVID-19

Online Learning and Events 


A list of online tools for running virtual camps

Available tools for running succesful online camps   

Virtual Platforms Pros and Cons

An article that discusses the differences, advantages and disadvantages between different virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google, Twitch and many more  

Successful Online "Camp" examples

Many programs have successfully run online or virtual camps for years. Here we can learn from their examples

Youth Protection

Moving to a virtual environment is meant to protect camp participants. Understanding risks associated with virtual offerings will help you do this  

Staffing and Human Resources — COVID-19

Preparing Workplaces for Covid 19 (OSHA)  

Ways to prepare a safe workplace during COVID-19.  This document will assist in the understanding of requirements and best practices

COVID-19 and Staff- Summer 2020 

Examine ways to ensure you are well informed about legal guidance in respect to COVID-19. Learn how it might affect your summer staff hiring

 Acknowledgement and Release Forms

Releases should be completed by each camp as they designate a person(s) associated with the camp to receive notices in the event of a positive case. This is a camp specific designation and should be determined as each camp puts together their plan for a safe opening. Please obtain a copy for your records.

Adult Participant Release

Minor Participant Release

Staff Member Release

Combined Camp Release Agreement

COVID19 Event Guidelines

Please refer to the TTU Campus Event Guidelines if you are planning to host an event on campus. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Kellyn Schneider at kellyn.schneider@ttu.edu.