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Conversations with the Next Generation

Conversations with the Next Generation (CWNG) invites First Generation TTU Faculty and Staff to share their success story with the "Next Generation" of First Generation Students.Guest Speakers share the journey leading up to higher education, influences, challenges and opportunities. How they arrived where they are now and what decisions they made to get there. Finally, the CWNG speakers offer advice to the "Next Generation" and a call to action to find their own success story.

 Program Format

  • Guest Speakers are First Generation in College
  • A moderator with a set of prescribed questions will interview the Guest Speakers
  • Moderator and Guest Speaker are seated at the front of the space
  • Interview is facilitated in front of a live audience of students and other TTU partners
  • Interview can last up to 1 hour in length
  • Food and beverages are provided at the beginning of the program
  • CWNGs typically happen during the business week between 5:30pm - 7:00pm
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