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Science: It's a Girl Thing

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Tuition: $600

Science: It's A Girl Thing is a residential camp for young women. The purpose of SIGT is to allow students to explore new fields in science. SIGT exposes young women to diverse topics in science and sparks interests that could lead to a lifelong career. Participants will experience university life, hands-on classes, and recreational activities. In the past we have offered classes in Animal Science to Forensics. 

  •      Open to girls entering grades 5 - 12;
  •      Introduce young under-represented girls to a collegiate experience;
  •      Spark and engage interest in science;
  •      Provide young women with strong role models in the areas of science, math, and                                    technology; and
  •      Inform on various career paths within the industries of science, technology,                                           engineering, and math.

Sessions Offered

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Science It's a Girl Thing Session 1

Grades 5th - 6th

1. Anatomy and Physiology
2. Animal Science
3. Chemical Engineering
4. Chemistry
5. Environmental Science
6. Forensics
7. Lego Robotics
8. Plant and Soil Science
9. Rocketry/ Physics

Science It's a Girl Thing Session II

Grades 7th - 12th

1. Anatomy and Physiology
2. Animal Science
3. A Toxic World
4. Chemical Engineering
5. Chemistry
6. Environmental Science
7. Forensics
8. Lego Robotics
9. Plant and Soil Science
10. Rocketry/ Physics
12. Nutrition
13.Pre-Professional Health

Classes Offered


Anatomy and Physiology

Bones! Organs! Tissues! In this course, students learn about the eleven body systems and how they are essential when diagnosing a patient. Students will visit the Sims Lab in the Texas Tech Health Science Center.

Animal Science

This course provides students with lessons in biology. Students will incorporate their understandings of biology into the life cycles of various animals found in West Texas. Depending on the age group of the participants, some of the hands-on activities may include dissecting a frog or visiting a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

Chemical Engineering

Quality and quantity are important aspects of chemical engineering. As bold innovators, chemical engineers are always on the path of innovation. Using the principals of chemistry, students will get to create their own products. Natural products will be used to make personalized lotions, balms, and candles.


Boom! Students will not be blowing things up, but definitely having a blast learning the concepts of chemistry and how to apply them into projects. These "mad-scientist" experiments are sure to inspire a career in chemistry.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a combination of both physical and biological sciences. Students interested in environmental science will learn how the planet functions and have the opportunity to develop solutions for today's most prominent environmental concerns.


Interested in solving or preventing crime? This extraordinary path of science focuses on the examination of physical evidence, interpretation of data, and concise reporting. Students will learn critical thinking skills and then apply them to a series of trial crimes to test their application process.

LEGO Robotics

Encompasses a variety of engineering courses that lead to a final competition. Students will get a robot to compete in a challenge against other teams. Design and programming are the foundations of this course as students work together as teams.

Plant Soil Science

The Plant Soil Science course will require students to dig deep into their love for plants and the environment. Lessons in Crop Science and Horticulture are taught, so that students understand the foundations of a degree program in this field. Students will also grow their own botanical garden and visit Texas Tech University's greenhouse and garden.

Rocketry / Physics

Blast off! Those enrolled will apply taught physics, build personalized rockets, and compare the rockets to develop questions as to how each design affects the rocket's performance. All rockets are design and tested by students; a final winner will be announced.


Interested in learning about the stars and our planets? Astronomy will give you a unique exploration into our celestial objects and allow you to grasp a better understanding of what it takes to studey space through science and physics.


Learn about healthy practices and possible career opportunities in the health field of Nutrition.

Pre-Professional Health

Interested in learning more about the medical field? Interact with Medical Professionals and receive hands on guidance at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. This is a new option for 2019 to help young ladies learn more about what the path to becoming a doctor is like.


Additional Information

All classes are taught by experienced university or public school faculty. Classes are interdisciplinary and allow campers to explore many aspects of STEM through the lens of a scientific discipline. Students will participate in two STEM classes and will receive 12 hours of instruction in the morning class and 12 hours of instruction in the afternoon class. 

Room & Board

Students are housed on the Texas Tech campus. Housing is arranged by age and gender. Each student will have one roommate and may request a roommate (not guaranteed). Students will be supervised at all times by trained camp counselors. Daily meals are served by University Hospitality Services. Each student will receive a linen set/package that includes: Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Blanket, Pillow & Pillow Case, 2 Towels, 2 Hand Towels, 2 Washcloths, Bath Soap, and Disposable Cup. No changes in linens provided during stay.

Registration Guidelines

Registration fee includes instruction, supervision, room and board, linen set/package, a camp t-shirt and evening recreation.

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