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Shake Hands With Your Future

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Summer 2023:

10th-12th Grade: June 4th-8th

7th-9th Grade: June 11th-15th

Cost to Attend: $800

Airport Shuttle is $60 round trip. 


While at Shake Hands with Your Future camp, students experience university life and enroll in 2 different classes. The curriculum is focused on interactive learning activities, while also incorporating challenging concepts or discussion. The evenings conclude with counselor-led and recreational activities. 

Classes are taught by an experienced university or public school faculty, emphasize hands-on activities, are interdisciplinary, and allow campers to explore many aspects of STEM, Visual Performing, and Fine Arts through the lens of an academic discipline. 


  • Registration Opening Soon for grades 10th-12th (2023) June 4th-8th :
    • Art Texture, pattern, color balance, and subtractive drawing are areas of this Art Composition course. Campers will learn monoprint techniques, create an assemblage sculpture, and learn about sculptural frames. The class will operate in a sketch-to-sculpture format using recyclable materials. Final products will have personalization traits through painting, color, and materials. Products will also be taken home at the end of the course. 
    • Banking in Business What are the important different areas of business? How should I introduce myself to potential business stakeholders? Campers will customize and identify a product's target market. Learn about the different areas of running a business from maintaining inventory to calculating the dollar value of sales for each quarter. Campers will pitch their business plan model to potential lenders in seek of an investment. 
    • Environmental and Construction Engineering Campers will learn about the urban water cycle - the journey of water from the source to tap and back to the environment - and the work of environmental engineers to keep water safe for ecosystems and human use. Activities include experiments and demonstrations involving technologies used in water and wastewater treatment such as reverse osmosis, filtration, and coagulation-flocculation.
    • Forensics Forensic Science introduces the student to the science of crime scene investigation. The course integrates the applications of biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and computer science to explore the field of criminalistics. Activities will give campers the opportunity to demonstrate forensic science techniques involved in these
      types of crime scene evidence: fingerprints, hair and fibers, impression evidence,
      questioned documents, blood samples, insects, ballistics, arson, poisons, and/or bones. Campers will "solve a crime" using techniques learned during the week. 
    • Frontiers in Telemedicine Explore the technology and procedures seen in a typical telemedicine consultation. Campers will be presented with a curriculum focused on interactive learning activities and will have the opportunity to use telemedicine equipment, robots, and remote patient monitoring equipment. Campers will also have access to healthcare professionals and will step into the role of a telemedicine provider to perform an objective structured clinical examination. Upon completion of this course, campers will receive a certificate of completion as well as a deeper understanding of the emerging field of telemedicine. 


  • Registration Opening Soon for grades 7th-9th (2023) June 11th-15th:
    • Art This course re-introduces Art to campers within relevant contemporary contexts. Using tried-and-true “Summer Camp” art projects as a basis for meaningful creative explorations, students will learn about traditional craft in conjunction with the conceptual drive of fine arts. This course will examine traditional beadwork in Indigenous communities, character design in animation and film making, and the history behind plein air painting and its importance in the transition from academic to expressive art. These projects have been carefully selected to help students exercise the creative part of their brain and develop problem-solving skills. Overall, the course will be an exploration into art and the many intersections it has with other disciplines within the context of art career paths and professions. It will be a valuable learning experience that goes beyond our understanding of what summer camp art should look like, and will allow campers to demonstrate their own knowledge and skill in the field of art.
    • Environmental Engineering Campers will learn about the urban water cycle - the journey of water from the source to tap - and the work of environmental engineers to keep water safe for human use. Emphasis will be placed on water quality and water treatment. Activities include testing water quality parameters (e.g., pH, salinity, turbidity). Experiments will involve testing the capability of different filtration media (e.g., sand, gravel, activated carbon) to remove water contaminants. Demonstrations of technologies used in water treatment will also be performed, such as membrane filtration and reverse osmosis.
    • Forensics Roll your sleeves up and prepare for a hands-on introduction to forensics. Campers will participate in fingerprint detection and identification and will learn about hair and fiber examination, document examination, and the critical role of DNA. Campers will "solve a crime" using DNA evidence. 
    • Performing Arts In this theatre session, campers will discover and explore the basics of being on stage, enhance characterization, learn to think on their feet with improvisation, and rehearse small scenes to perform together. Campers will be practicing interactive activities that will enrich and develop performing skills. 
    • Robotics Campers will experience the world of advanced and competitive robotics.  They will learn how the engineering design process is used in robotics, and how it is used to solve real-world problems. They will learn the basics of Java programming to bring their robot to life.  Throughout the week, campers will work through STEM challenges that will help them achieve their goal of a working robot.  Campers will experience the value of teamwork throughout their process. 

Texas Tech University partners such as Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and Career Center will be invited to present to students. Students are encouraged to engage in conversation with our presenters to learn about the various resources TTU offers. Lastly, students will also have the opportunity to explore TTU through a campus tour that will take them throughout the buildings and colleges.


Students are housed in Texas Tech residence halls. Students will be supervised at all times by TTU College students and staff who will be working as counselors. Our counselors have been selected for meeting our criteria, attending training, and displaying great role model characteristics.


Evenings are devoted to traditional summer fun that includes swimming, basketball, and volleyball at the TTU Student Rec Center, evening activities, and college readiness activities.

Packing List 

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