Texas Tech University

Program Requirements

The undergraduate program leading to the 120 credit hour Bachelor of Science degree combines a broad liberal education with rigorous and extensive training in theoretical and mathematical economics. The program is highly structured and technically oriented and requires a minor in mathematics. Students in this major must include ECO 2301, ECO 2302, ECO 3311, ECO 3312, ECO 4305, and 21 hours of advanced economics electives. The mathematics minor consists of 18 hours of mathematics subject to the approval of the Mathematics Department. The basic requirements are listed in the “College of Arts & Sciences”. The adjunct requirements include a two-semester course sequence in statistics (MATH 4342 and MATH 4343) in addition to the math minor.

Communication Literacy Requirement 

The three required courses in the Communication Literacy plan for the B.S. in Economics are ECO 3305, ECO 3312, and ECO 4305.