Texas Tech University

Thesis Plan

The thesis plan requires completion of 12 courses (36 credit hours),writing an M.A. thesis and a successful final defense of the M.A. thesis.

Course work: 

ECO 5311                                Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (3 hrs.)

ECO 5312                                Microeconomic Analysis (3 hrs.)

Economic Electives                15 credit hours

General Electives                  9 credit hours (must be approved by Director of Graduate Studies)

ECO 6000 Thesis                   6 credit hours

List of Economic Elective Courses: 

ECO 5316            Time Series Econometrics

ECO 5317            Natural Resources and Environmental Economics

ECO 5319            Advanced Topics in Environmental Economics

ECO 5321            Labor Markets Theory and Policy

ECO 5322            The Economics of Wages and Income

ECO 5323            Monetary Theory I

ECO 5324            Seminar in Public Finance

ECO 5325            Seminar in Economic Policy

ECO 5328            Monetary Theory II

ECO 5329            Current Problems in Public Finance

ECO 5332            Advanced International Finance

ECO 5333            Advanced International Economics

ECO 5346            Game Theory

ECO 5347            Industrial Organization Theory

ECO 5348            Seminar in Empirical Industrial Organization

ECO 5356            Energy Economics

ECO 5357            Forecasting and Applied Macroeconomics

ECO 5375            Topics in Labor Economics