Texas Tech University

M.A. Degree Requirements

  1. Students will not receive credit towards the M.A. degree for taking ECO 5310. This applies to both the non-thesis and the thesis plans.
  2. Normally, Approved General Electives will also be courses in economics. This applies to both the non-thesis and the thesis plan.
  3. M.A. students in the thesis plan cannot register for ECO 6000 thesis credit hours before they select a supervisor and form a thesis committee. A student can only register for ECO 6000 after her/his thesis advisor sends a letter to the Director of Graduate Studies indicating willingness to supervise the student's thesis.
  4. M.A. students in the non-thesis plan must pass a comprehensive written examination for the M.A. degree. If a student receives an unsatisfactory result on the first attempt, the Graduate School permits the student to take the exam for a second (and final) time. In this case, the department requires the student to re-take the exam during the semester that directly follows the semester in which the student took it for the first time.
  5. The M.A. comprehensive exam consists of questions from core courses as well as elective courses. For graduate students who are in the dual MA/Ph.D. programs, the Ph.D. core courses cannot count as electives for the purpose of formulating the MA comprehensive exam, i.e., ECO 5313, 5314, 5315, 5318, 5381, and 5382 cannot be declared as electives. These courses may be declared as electives for students in the M.A. program ONLY.