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Why should I major in Economics?

This question is answered here.

I am an incoming student thinking of pursuing an Economics degree, how do I apply?

You can apply by going to the Admissions Page.  For additional information on the Economics degree, please contact the undergraduate advisor.  

What degrees does the department offer?

The department currently offers three undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics, and Bachelor of Science in International Economics (BSIE).

What type of mathematics is recommended for Economics/International Economics majors?

We encourage students to have basic understanding of Calculus. The degree plan chosen will determine the amount of mathematics a student will take. 

Can I use AP or IB to get credit for Economics classes?

Yes, currently the department accepts credit for ECO 2301 and ECO 2302. To find out more, see TTU Credit by Exam.

Are there are scholarships available for students majoring in economics?

Yes.  Please visit the scholarship section on the department's website for more information.  There are several scholarships available for Economics majors only, and there are many more general, internal, and external scholarships that you can also apply for.  

Which degree plan should I choose?

All three degrees will provide an understanding of the complex interrelationships between consumer, producers, and governments in an economic system. The BA in Economics will be a broad liberal arts education with an academic minor of your choice. This is the most common degree plan among Economics majors. The BS in Economics will build a strong quantitative background in economics. A mathematics minor is required for the BS degree. The BS in International Economics will provide an understanding of the global economy and commercial relationships through coursework in international finance, trade, business, politics and cultural/foreign languages. No minor is required for the BSIE.

About how many students enroll in each one of the three programs?

The percentages below are based on date from the past five academic years:

BA in Economics = 49.25% of total ECO majors

BS in Economics  = 27.75% of total ECO majors

BSIE = 23% of total ECO majors     

Is a minor required for the BA in Economics?

Yes, a minor is required to complete 120 credit hours. Many minor options are available. Minors should correlate with career interests and goals. 

How many hours to complete a minor for the BA in Economics?

You will need to complete a minimum of 18 credit hours for a minor.  

Is a mathematics minor required for the BS in Economics?

Yes. A mathematics minor is required for the BS degree. 

Does the BS in International Economics require a minor?

No. The BSIE degree plan does not require a minor.

Could I add a minor to the BSIE degree plan?

Yes, students may add a minor to the BSIE degree. Popular minors are foreign language(s), general business, political science, with other options available.

Is study abroad required for Economics? International Economics?

No. Study abroad is not required but highly recommended. 

What is the minimum grade requirement for Economics classes?

A minimum grade of C- is required for a class to count towards your major.

What is the minimum grade requirement for minor classes?

A minimum grade of C- is required for a class to count towards your minor.

What is the GPA requirement to declare Economics/International Economics?

A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to declare one of the majors

How to declare?

Students outside of the department who wish to declare a major in Economics/International Economics can email the undergraduate advisor.

When can I declare a major in Economics/International Economics?

Students outside of the department can declare at any time. Send an email the undergraduate advisor for more information. 

Do I need a certain GPA to stay in the major?

No minimum GPA required to stay in the department. Per university graduation guidelines a GPA of 2.0 or higher is needed upon graduation.

Are there Economics classes that I can take that do not have prerequisites?

Principles of Economics I (ECO 2301) or Principles of Economics II (ECO 2302) are the only Economics classes with no prerequisites. These are the introductory classes for the major and/or minor

Can I take a prerequisite class at the same time with classes requiring the prerequisite?

No, the prerequisite class/classes must be taken prior to registering.

Can I take Economics classes at another university?

ECO 2301 and ECO 2302 are acceptable transfer credits. All 3000-level/4000-level classes must be evaluated by the department for approval.

If I transfer a course from a different college, will it impact my TTU GPA?

No. Your TTU GPA will never be impacted by transfer credits. The university will only apply the class as a transfer credit. 

How to apply to graduate?

You must submit your CONFIRM GRADUATION form to the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office. Contact the undergraduate advisor for instructions. 

How can I find information about the graduation ceremony?

Please visit the Commencement Page for information about the ceremony. You may also find information under the College of Arts & Sciences page

What do graduates do with an undergraduate Economics degree?

Please refer to the link provided on front page entitled “Why Should I Major in Economics.”