Texas Tech University

Financial Assistance

Teaching Assistantships

Financial support in the form of teaching assistantships is awarded on a competitive basis for the duration of the two long semesters (fall, spring) of the academic year. Continued financial support is contingent on the student's academic progress in the program as well as satisfactory performance of all the duties associated with the assistantship. The terms of the assistantship is for 9 months (fall and spring semesters).  Summer employment may be available upon request.  The amount of the assistantship is determined by the Graduate School on annual basis, and it's based on the minimum amount needed to pay for living expenses, health insurance, and a small portion of fees and tuition that is the responsibility of the student.  

The following are events that may lead to losing your financial support:

  • A student's cumulative GPA falls below 3.25 at any point during their graduate studies.
  • A student receives a grade of “D” or lower in any core, field, or elective course at any point of their graduate studies.
  • A student doesn't successfully complete the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination in both Micro and Macro before the start of their second year in the program.
  • A student engages in academic dishonesty as defined by Texas Tech University's Student Handbook.

Funding Beyond the Fourth Year

Ph.D. students who are making satisfactory progress in the program are supported for four years.  If a student needs more than four years to complete the requirements for the Ph.D. degree and seeks funding for an additional fifth year (or sixth year), they need to submit a proposal to the Graduate Committee by November 15 of their fourth (fifth) year containing the following:

  • CV
  • A research statement that includes the research topic and what has been accomplished so far.
  • An outline that describes the work to be done in the next academic year with a clear timeline showing when graduation is being planned.
  • A statement from the dissertation advisor.

In addition to the requirements above, international teaching assistants are required to attend the International Teaching Assistant Workshop (ITA Workshop).  This is a university requirement (see Operating Policy 64.03).  The ITA Workshop is conducted each summer to assess the language skills of ITA's.  The department offers international students employment in the form of a teaching assistantship with the presumption that they will teach at some point during their employment.  As per OP 64.03, an international student will not be allowed to teach without having fulfilled all the requirements of the ITA workshop.  This workshop is offered every summer, starts on July 1st and done virtually.  Please note that if an ITA does not pass all requirements of the ITA workshop at the end of their second year in the program, they may lose all or part of their financial support from the department.