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Welcome from the Chair


Dear Students (current and future), Alumni, Family, and Friends,

Greetings and welcome to the Department of Economics at Texas Tech University, where "Anything is Possible." I am humbled to serve as the chair of this exceptional department, where I have spent 27 years as a faculty member and 32 years as a proud member of this West Texan community. As an alumnus, married to another TTU alumna and faculty, and with two children who graduated from TTU and are Red Raiders for life, this truly is my home.
Our department offers a top-notch education, with renowned faculty providing undergraduate majors and minors, as well as Master's and Ph.D. degrees. Our faculty are well-respected in their field, publishing in leading peer-reviewed journals and presenting at conferences both domestically and internationally. Our graduate students are thriving in their careers and you can read about their achievements in the "Following Their Journeys" section of our website.
At the Department of Economics, we are dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity among our students. Despite a documented lack of diversity in economics education, our department has made strides, with 42% of our graduate students and 22% of our undergraduate students being female and 35% of our economics majors being from racial and ethnic minority groups over the past two academic years. While we exceed or meet national averages, we are committed to making our department even more inclusive and diverse.
The location of Texas Tech in a region brimming with economic activity makes it a prime destination for those studying economics. Within 100 miles of Lubbock and the TTU campus are thriving industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, renewable energy, advanced technology, healthcare, finance, and education, all of which are significant contributors to people's well-being and major employers of TTU graduates.
If you are on campus, please visit Holden Hall and stop by my office. I am always available, and our staff will happily assist with anything you need.

Rashid B. Al-Hmoud, Ph.D.
January, 2023


Rashid Al-Hmoud With Students