Texas Tech University

Ph.D. in Economics

The goal of the doctoral program in Economics at Texas Tech University is to train outstanding economists. Graduates of our Ph.D. program are ready to undertake research in Economics, teach Economics in higher education, and apply the skills gained in our program to problems in the private and public sector.

The Ph.D. program in Economics offers a solid foundation in economic theory and the students learn how to apply and develop economic tools. Doctoral students choose specializations from within the areas of International Economics, Monetary Economics, Public Finance, Labor Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Macroeconomics, and Time Series Econometrics. The coursework and the continual support of our professors prepare students to conduct their own independent research, which culminates in a doctoral dissertation.

Our faculty and staff provide a supportive and inclusive environment for study and research, and we encourage students to work together. We want students from all backgrounds to succeed in our Economics program.

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