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Seminars Fall 2022

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Practice Job Talks

Our Ph.D. candidates present their job market papers at Holden Hall 225 on the following dates:

Practice Job Talks

Seminar Schedule

The virtual seminars take place at 3 p.m. on the following dates:

Monday, September 26 Michael Sposi, Southern Methodist University
Deindustrialization and Industry Polarization
Friday, October 7 Didem Tuzemen, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Minimum Wage Increases and Vacancies
Monday, October 10 Hamid Noghanibehambari, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Revealed Comparative Disadvantage of Infants: Exposure to NAFTA and Birth Outcomes
Wednesday, October 12 Tamara Sheldon, University of South Carolina
Disaster Preparedness and Experience: Evidence from Purchases of Emergency Supplies Before and After Hurricanes
Friday, October 14 Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University
Wednesday, October 19 Tom Eisenberg, University of Delaware
The Welfare Effects of Trade Associations: Evidence from Salmon in Chile
Monday, October 24 Ben Knox, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
A Stock Return Decomposition Using Observables
Friday, October 28 Duha Altindag, Auburn University
An Older College Professor Like Me
Monday, October 31 José R. Bucheli, New Mexico State University
Implications of Restrictive Asylum Policies: Evidence from Metering along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Friday, November 4 Yulya Truskinovsky, Wayne State University
Caregiving and Labor Force Participation: New Evidence from Administrative Data
Wednesday, November 9 Hong-Il Yoo, Loughborough University
Structural Estimation of  Higher Order Risk Preferences
Friday, November 11 Daniel Veloso De Avila Chaves, U. of Western Ontario
The Inner Workings of a Hub-and-Spoke Cartel in the Automotive Fuel Industry
Monday, November 14 Brent Bundick, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
From Deviations to Shortfalls: The Effects of the FOMC's New Employment Objective 
Wednesday, November 16 Hewei Shen, University of Oklahoma
Sudden Stop with Local Currency Debt