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HPCC Data Transfer

For data transfers to and from the HPCC clusters, please refrain from using scp, sftp, or direct ssh connections and instead use the HPCC data transfer service based on Globus Connect described below. 

There are several reasons to prefer this service:

  1. The Globus Connect Server service at the HPCC is well connected to the campus network and therefore the outside world with dual redundant servers, each with an independent high-speed connection.
  2. The Globus Connect Server service at the HPCC eliminates the load of data transfer from the cluster login nodes, which are used by many people for other functions.
  3. There are Globus Connect Personal clients available to access this service for Linux, Mac or Windows.​
  4. Many large research labs and computing centers at other universities also have their own Globus Connect Server services that you can use directly within the client.​

It's very easy to set things up for user-driven data transfer using the HPCC data transfer service. Here are the instructions to get started.

Step 1: Go to https://www.globus.org/globus-connect-personal and follow the instructions to download and install Globus Connect Personal on your local machine if you have not already done so.

Step 2 (optional): When you finish installing Globus Connect Personal, you can change the default settings, for example, you can change the local accessible folder to an ideal location for doing the data transfer in the future, for example, it could be "D:\download" on a Windows machine, or a locally selected folder or directory on a MacOS or Linux one.

Step 3: Start Globus Connect Personal on your local machine; then sign in to transfer data using the "Log In" link at https://globus.org/ by selecting "Texas Tech University" as your organizational login provider and entering your eRaider credentials if you are not already signed in from your browser with an active eRaider session.

To access HPCC storage to transfer data, enter "TexasTechHPCC" as one of the collections. (Note: this replaces the older "TTUHPCC#TTUTerra" endpoint, which has been deprecated and will soon be retired.) Once this collection has been accessed, you can use the file directory navigation shown to navigate between your /home, /lustre/work or /lustre/scratch folders as needed.​ The other collection field for the transfer can be your local Globus Connect Personal one or any other Globus Connect Server collection.

More information about Globus Connect  usage can be found at https://globus.org/.

This is the preferred and only supported mechanism for moving large amounts of data to and from the HPCC machines! Extended data transfers such as scp, sftp, ssh, or other similar tools through the cluster login nodes by other means, either directly or though terminal connection programs, are subject to being terminated without warning, as such tools put undue load on the login nodes, can interfere with their normal usage and function, and are far less efficient than using the data transfer service. Instead, please use the recommended Globus Connect data transfer service for moving data to and from the HPCC.

After reviewing the above information, if you would like additional assistance from HPCC staff in moving large or special-case data collections, please send an email with the following information to hpccsupport@ttu.edu



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