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We recommend that users consult the online HPCC user guides and HPCC training pages, which contain a great deal of information that should answer many common questions, before sending a support request. A simple web search on the error or problem you have encountered may also shorten your debugging process and help to speed time to resolution of the issue in question.

For additional assistance, the primary method For HPCC researchers to request support on operational issues is to send an email to hpccsupport@ttu.edu explaining the problem or request. The HPCC staff monitors this e-mail address through a support issue tracking system and a staff member will respond during normal university office hours to messages to provide appropriate assistance.

Texas Tech faculty, staff, students, and visitors are welcome to request a tour of the HPCC primary facility and offices as described on the HPCC locations page.

Advance reservations are requested for any organized tours using the hpccsupport@ttu.edu email address, or by calling the HPCC main offices at 806-742-4350 during business hours.


High Performance Computing Center