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Account Information


HPCC accounts are available at no charge to all TTU faculty, and with faculty sponsorship to staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Accounts may also be available to staff of computing centers with which HPCC has reciprocal agreements, and to TTUHSC researchers through execution of an operational agreement with approval of the TTU and TTUHSC CIOs. Similar arrangements are possible for other Texas Tech System campuses through operational agreements approved by the campus CIO and CFO offices.

A TTU eRaider ID provisioned with a ttu.edu email address is required to access HPCC systems. The information below explains how to request HPCC accounts for those with existing eRaider IDs as well as how to request that a TTU eRaider be issued for research partners and Texas Tech System campuses not using the ttu.edu domain. The HPCC sends all communications with account holders through their ttu.edu email address, which is also required to use the HPCC Globus Connect data transfer system.

TTU campus users with existing eRaider ID

For the fastest service on new accounts, please use the secure link below. Please allow two business days for processing your account information.

HPCC Account Registration System

HPCC clusters rely on TTU e-raider authentication. If you applied for an account, the user name and the password are the same as your e-raider account. If you have concerns about the account with HPCC, please contact hpccsupport@ttu.edu

Research partners and non-TTU Texas Tech System campuses

TTU faculty can also request access for their research partners at other institutions. This procedure can also be used to provision TTU eRaider IDs for those at other Texas Tech System campuses with approval by both the TTU and other system campus CIOs and arrangements for inter-campus funding. To request such access, click here for instructions.

Getting started using the HPCC

Once you have received confirmation of your new account, please visit the Computing Guides  section of this web site for more information on using the HPCC resources here at TTU, including online user guides and videos and slides from user training sessions.

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