Texas Tech University



  1. Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center (CAC) at Texas Tech

TTU Collaborators & Researchers

  1. Dr. Yong Chen Computer Science
  2. Dr. Susan San-Francisco Biology
  3. Dr. David Birney, Chemistry Computational Chemistry
  4. Dr. Jorge Morales, Chemistry Computational Chemistry
  5. Dr. Yu Zhuang, Computer Science Parallel Programming
  6. Dr. Stefan Estreicher, Physics Computational Physics
  7. Dr. Thomas Gibson, Physics Computational Physics and Parallel Programming
  8. Dr. Michael San Francisco Biological Sciences
  9. Dr. Chris Rock Computational bioinformatics
  10. Dr. Brian Ancell Atmospheric Science Group
  11. Dr. Rajesh Khare Department of Chemical Engineering
  12. Dr. Johannes Dahl Atmospheric Science Group
  13. Dr. David Ray Biology
  14. Dr. Yi-yuan Tang Department of Psychological Sciences
  15. Dr. Shuichi Kunori Department of Physics and Astronomy
  16. Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Political Science
  17. Dr. Caleb D. Phillips Biology
  18. Dr. Guofeng Cao Center for Geospatial Technology
  19. Dr. Degeng Wang Biostatistics, Genomics and Molecular Toxicology
  20. Dr. Benildo De los Reyes Plant and Soil Science
  21. Dr. Fazle Hussain Mechanical Engineering
  22. Dr. Chau-Chyun Chen Chemical Engineering
  23. Dr. L. William Poirier Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

High Performance Computing Center