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See general information on HPCC accounts here.

A faculty/staff member may initiate a request for an eRaider account to be assigned for a non-TTU research partner. Once this eRaider account is in place, the research partner can then apply to have this eRaider account enabled for access to HPCC facilities as below. This procedure may also be used to request a TTU eRaider to be provisioned for use of the HPCC by personnel from non-TTU Texas Tech System campuses.

Note: The research partner account including TTU eRaider ID and ttu.edu email address must be in place from the university before requesting access to the HPCC!

The steps are as follows:

  1. TTU faculty/staff member requests eRaider account from the university for a research partner. (Note the HPCC is not involved in this process and cannot initiate it. See the application steps below.) The HPCC does not handle this part - please direct any questions to IT Help Central.

    • Research partner account holders must be faculty or staff at another institution and have a local TTU faculty member make the request, which must be tied to TTU-based sponsored research. The department chair must also approve of the assignment of a research partner account. Once that is in place, the rest of the registration is handled as usual on the HPCC Account Registration web site, but the external research partner account must be in place before this is done. Again, please direct any questions to IT Help Central.

    • Gather the following information from the research partner:
      Name, Email address, Company (or University), Country, Full address, Phone, Status: (US citizen, US Immigrant, Canadian citizen, other), Justification (collaboration with your research group, expected duration, etc.).

    • Submit the request by filling out the Research Partner Account form online.
  2. Once the research partner eRaider account has been received from the university, the research partner who now has this account may apply for HPCC access using this eRaider, specifying the faculty sponsor, just as for a regular TTU user using the HPCC Account Request page.

Please feel free to contact hpccsupport@ttu.edu if you have questions, but please be aware that the HPCC can only enable a research partner eRaider account for access after it has been created by the above process.

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