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Account Information


HPCC accounts are available at no charge to TTU and TTUHSC faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students doing research with a faculty sponsor. Accounts may also be available to staff of computing centers with which HPCC has reciprocal agreements. Accounts are available on the Linux and Windows clusters.

Campus users with e-raider

For the fastest service on new accounts, please use the secure signup form. Please allow two business days for processing your account information.

Faculty/Staff member signup form

Student/external user with e-raider signup form

HPCC clusters rely on TTU e-raider authentication. If you applied for an account, the user name and the password are the same as your e-raider account. If you have concerns about the account with HPCC, please contact hpccsupport@ttu.edu

Research partners

To request a research partner account for an external research partner, click here for instructions.

Once you have received your new account, please visit the Computing Guides for more information on using the systems here at TTU.

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