Texas Tech University

Jennifer Pritchard Alumni Profile

Texas Tech Human Sciences Alumna Alice Baland, LPC, RDNJennifer Pritchard graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor's degree in Personal Financial Planning (PFP) in December 2014. Today Jennifer is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and works as a financial planning analyst at Geometric Wealth in addition to owning her own company, Simply Paraplanner.

As a financial planning analyst, Jennifer prepares financial documents for company clients. These analyses can include financial projections, education funding, insurance needs, cash flow, estate planning, tax planning, and goal planning.

"I also help refine and develop our financial planning philosophies and processes to ensure that the firm is always striving to provide the best consistent service to our clients," Jennifer said.

Jennifer's company Simply Paraplanner is a job board that connects virtual employees and contractors with financial planning firms.. This makes work experience in the financial planning industry more accessible.

"We also run a membership community of virtual paraplanners to help like–minded individuals connect and help to provide resources such as software trainings to our members."

Jennifer said she enjoys having an impact on both her clients at Geometric Wealth and those trying to gain work experience in the financial planning industry through Simply Paraplanner.

"As a financial planning analyst, I am able to have a direct impact on people's lives," Jennifer said. "With Simply Paraplanner, I am able to help provide opportunities for those who may not fit the traditional mold of the financial planning industry."

Jennifer said that providing clients at Geometric Wealth with clarity around their financial lives gives them the opportunity to pursue their best life and make better decisions. With Simply Parapanner, Jennifer is able to help nontraditional paraplanners such as military spouses who move frequently or people who just want more control over their work and who they work with.

"I chose to become a financial planner so that I can help others make better financial decisions so that they can focus on pursuing their best life."

Jennifer admits she had never heard of financial planning before attending Texas Tech University.

"During my first semester at Texas Tech, I took an elective in PFP and fell in love with the idea of helping other with their finances," Jennifer said. "My experience with money was always negative growing up and I quickly realized that it doesn't have to be."

Jennifer said that Texas Tech's PFP program provided her with a great foundation for becoming a financial planner and she would recommend it to other students without hesitation. The program not only taught technical skills, but also gave students like Jennifer the opportunity to practice soft skills such as financial counseling and the art of financial planning. The program also taught Jennifer the essential skill of how to connect with others to build her network.

"By requiring students to have an internship, students are able to receive hands on experience in the industry," Jennifer said. "Once I started working in the industry, I was able to take that knowledge and pick out the areas that I wanted to focus on and really expand on those skills."

Jennifer has recently decided to relocate to Denver in January 2019 so that she can enjoy the outdoors. Outside of her role as an financial planning analyst and owner of Simply Paraplanner, Jennifer enjoys hiking, camping and kayaking. Moving to Denver will allow her more time outdoors to enjoy her hobbies. When Jennifer isn't hanging out outdoors she loves to read, dance, and spend time with her family and friends.