Texas Tech University

Alice Baland Alumni Profile

Texas Tech Human Sciences Alumna Alice Baland, LPC, RDN1972 alumna Alice Baland, LPC, RDN, graduated with her bachelor's degree in home economics with a major in foods and nutrition back when the college was referred to as the College of Home Economics. The entrepreneurial alumna credits Texas Tech University for providing her with a solid foundation to passionately pursue her dream of helping others through nutrition and counseling.

"Once I made it to Texas Tech, I loved the College of Home Economics and thrived in my academic career and social life," Alice said. "Classes were well-rounded and had open discussions too. Every day I could hardly wait to participate in my classes and prepare for my life as a professional after graduation."

Alice spent some time in her early career in the hospitality industry before returning to school to become a Registered Dietitian (RD).

"My lifelong dream since age eight to be a Registered Dietitian (RD) was fulfilled! But you can't stop once goals are met, you've got to set more goals and keep going," Alice said.

After becoming an RD, Alice gained experience in hospital settings but felt the pull to become her own boss. In 1980, Alice started the first private nutrition counseling practice in Dallas.

"There were only about five of us in the United States at the time, but I yearned to learn on the job and make use of my training at Texas Tech. My philosophy was that everyone can benefit from good nutrition and I'm the one to help them benefit best!"

Alice eventually was developing and teaching weight loss programs, counseling clients, and even designing nutrition curriculum for companies like Texas Instruments, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Dallas Police Department, and more. After completing her master's in counseling at Amber University in 1998, Alice became a Licensed Professional Counselor.

"I spoke wherever I could and sometimes got paid, but I gained a lot of experience," Alice recalls. "What I loved about individual counseling was showing clients how to regain control over their lives and health by customizing plans for them."

Since opening her own practice, Alice has expanded her business through public speaking and her blossoming writing career. Alice has even branched out to marriage and trauma counseling, combining her nutritional background with counseling expertise.

"Most of my books and speeches focus on nutrition, preventing and overcoming eating disorders, achieving goals and dreams, developing strong marriages, and the importance of family in meals and health."

Currently, Alice is working on her 9th book, Still Alive: From Shattered to Shining, which dives into her professional expertise as a trauma therapist. Alice is currently loving life with her husband, Dick Mallett.

With more speaking engagements and publications on the horizon, Alice says she is more motivated than ever after her 2013 Parkinson's Disease diagnosis.

"It's important for me to include lots of nutrition, exercise, and self-care to manage it," Alice explains. "Now I want to focus on a few things I love more passionately and make greater use of the talents and love God has given me to make this a better world. Thank you, Texas Tech, for giving me a solid foundation to do this!"