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Alicia Rosas Alumni Profile

CFAS Alumna TTU Alicia Rosas Impacts Texas Tech University in role as Academic Specialist2016 Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences (CFAS) alumna Alicia Rosas has continued her journey at Texas Tech University in her current role with the Learning Center, a campus tutoring destination where she serves as an Academic Specialist. In addition to her full-time role with the university, Alicia is currently working towards a Graduate Certificate in Youth Program Management & Evaluation through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GPIDEA).

GPIDEA is a partnership between Texas Tech and 20 public university members, each collaboratively developing and delivering high-quality, online academic programs. The College of Human Sciences' Human Development and Family Studies program provides many of these flexible options designed to better serve working professionals like Alicia.

Alicia's undergraduate background in youth development coursework sparked an interest in pursuing the graduate certificate. Alicia elected to take the Youth Program Development and Evaluation course and thoroughly enjoying the learning experience.

"I remember discussing the GPIDEA program with my instructors before graduating, so I explored my program options and decided on Youth Program Development and Evaluation," Alicia said. "It also provides me with a short introduction to graduate coursework being online, so it works with my busy professional schedule."

At the Learning Center, Alicia meets with students on campus to assist them in academic pursuits. She also serves as a liaison for various departments and student groups, provides department tours, and promotes the center at resource fairs. Students are encouraged to seek her office when in need of academic resources such as guidance in time management, notetaking skills, study strategies, and managing stress or anxiety.

"I work to provide each student with a personalized approach to their academic skills and goals. I let my actions speak for themselves in my work. Being a young professional helps me relate to students and has benefited me in making connections."

During her time as an undergraduate student, she worked as a peer tutor in various locations on the Texas Tech campus including the Marsha Sharp Center for Student Athletes, and later at the TECHniques Center serving students with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

"I think this career path chose me. I realized that I have a heart for service, and I am truly passionate about it."

Alicia's favorite aspect of her CFAS courses was the ability to learn real-life applications of concepts covered in classes.

"There was never a time that I took a CFAS course and didn't come away with tangible skills that would help me as a professional. I learned a lot about designing programs from research to evaluation, and these skills have helped me be extremely effective in my current position."

CFAS Alumna TTU Alicia Rosas Impacts Texas Tech University in role as Academic SpecialistToday Alicia uses these learned skills in program evaluation with her students, working to ensure that the center is providing students with the proper guidance.

"We work to promote, prevent, treat, and recover students academically. I use theories of human development to aid my work with students. Understanding trends in development and behavior provide me with the knowledge to design my work around the populations of students that I see daily."

Looking to her future, Alicia feels that her graduate certificate will provide her with a specialized set of knowledge and skills needed to pursue her dream of designing and managing youth organizations and working with nonprofits.

"I believe in prevention and holistic wellness. The knowledge and skills I learned in CFAS helped me utilize these elements in my personal life so I can be an example to those I work with and serve on a daily basis."