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Elizabeth McCormick Alumni Profile

Texas Tech's Interior Design Degree Prepares Students for Success in Creative Careers

Elizabeth McCormick Alumni Profile Interior Design Texas TechElizabeth McCormick, RID, IIDA, graduated from Texas Tech University with her Interior Design bachelor's degree in 2003 and went on to be a registered interior designer. She now serves as Senior Interior Designer at Gensler, and says she has been passionate about design from a very early age.

"I remember spending hours looking at my grandmother's library of old Architectural Digest Magazines," Elizabeth said. "I also enjoy the study of art, humanities, and the history behind why a building was created and what drove the design. I ultimately chose interior design because I am very passionate about enhancing the human experience through the power of design."

As Senior Interior Designer, Elizabeth works to enhance design excellence and achieve recognition for clients and Gensler. Her day to day tasks include developing design concepts and presentation strategies, building and sustaining client relationships, and mentoring other Gensler designers. She uses her unique design perspective to lead design teams, develop next-generation talent, bring new approaches to the design process, and help clients redesign what's possible.

Elizabeth also serves on the Interior Design alumni advisory council at Texas Tech. She enjoys being connected to the university and learning about how the Interior Design program has advanced over the years. She brings industry experience and feedback to the table, which is an important aspect of the advisory council.

"I am really humbled that I can give back to the program that was the catalyst to my own career," Elizabeth said. "Being a member of the council has also expanded my network. I have been able to connect with other alumni I might not have met otherwise."

When asked why she chose Texas Tech's Interior Design program, Elizabeth says that she always knew she would attend Texas Tech University. She is a third-generation Red Raider, and the Interior Design program at Texas Tech is one of the top programs in the nation. She admires that the degree offers an integrated architectural minor, and says the alumni network is also a differentiator. The interior design program combines the fundamental, conceptual, and technical aspects of design, which proved very helpful for Elizabeth in her career.

Another aspect that Elizabeth appreciates about the college is the delineation courses that are offered. She says that they set an important tone for the design process and enabled her not to jump directly into designing a space using only technology. Elizabeth feels that there is something very powerful about using ink and paper to solve a design challenge, which is why she values the real-world experiences she had while she was a student.

"I appreciated that we were given real-world project scenarios and had the opportunity to partner with actual clients from the community," Elizabeth said. "This set the ground work for one of the most important aspects of my career - establishing and maintaining strong client relationships."

Elizabeth is an outstanding example of Texas Tech Interior Design graduates using the skills and hands-on experience they gained in the college to achieve success in their design careers. Elizabeth imparts some wisdom for current students pursuing a career in interior design by encouraging them to find inspiration outside of technology. She says that good design is all around us, so it is important to find out what you are passionate about and infuse that into every project you do.

"I am very passionate about exploring design ideas using ink and paper," Elizabeth said. "It is extremely important not to let technology dictate your design. Push the boundaries and fail fast! The best innovation often comes out of failure."