Texas Tech University

Sterling Shumway, Ph.D., LMFT

Associate Professor, ADRS
Community, Family and Addiction Sciences

Email: Sterling.Shumway@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-4298

Office: CCRC 203

Sterling Shumway


Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences 

Director, Institute for the Study of Addiction, Recovery, and Families 

Evelyn M. Davies, Regents Professor
TTU Teaching Academy Member
College of Human Sciences Chancellor's Council Distinguished Teaching Award Nominee (2019)
Texas Tech University Presidents Excellence in Teaching Award (2017)
TTU Faculty Senator

Research Interests

Studies the neuroscience of recovery and family recovery from addiction. Focuses on the factors that enhance long term recovery.

Classes Taught

Teaches ADRS 6301 Couple and Family Dynamics of Addiction and CMFT 6397 Supervision Practicum

Relevant Publications


Zielinski, M., Bradshaw S. D., Mullet N., Hawkins L., Shumway S. T., Story, M. (2019) Codependency and PFC Functioning: Preliminary Examination of SUD Impacted Family Members. American Journal on Addictions, 28(5) 367-375. 

Hayes, N. D., Smith, J. A., Bradshaw, S. D., & Shumway, S.T. (2018) Exploring Family Member Influence on Change in Addition Treatment: A Dyadic Analysis. Alcoholism Quarterly, 37(3) 377-395. 

Shumway, S. T., Bradshaw, S. D., Hayes, N., & Schonian, S. K., & Kimball, T. K. (2018). PFC Functioning of Family Members of Those with a Substance Use Disorder: Addiction as a Family Disease and Potential Development of "Co-Addiction". Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly. 

Shumway, S. T., Schonian, S., Bradshaw, S. D., Hayes, N., & Austin, H. (2017). A Revised Multifamily Group Curriculum: The Need for Family Member Recovery from Addiction. Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery, 12:4, 260-283. 

Wagner, A. N., Bradshaw, S. D., Dawson, J. A., & Shumway, S. T. (2017). Examining Prefrontal Cortex Activity and Tonic Anxiety in Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery: A Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Study. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 35(3) 243-259. 

Bradshaw, S. D., Shumway, S. T., Dsauza, C. M., Morris, N., & Hayes, N. D. (2017). Hope, coping skills, and the prefrontal cortex in alcohol use disorder recovery. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 43(5) 591-601. 

Kimball, T. G., Shumway, S.T., Austin-Robillard, H., Harris-Wilkes, K.S. (2016). Hoping and Coping in Recovery: A Phenomenology of Emerging Adults in a Collegiate Recovery Program. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 35(1) 1-17. 

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Shumway, S.T., & Kimball, T.G. (2012) Six essentials to achieve lasting recovery. Hazelden, MN.