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Growth and Opportunity 

The Texas Tech University Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CCRC) is a leader in the collegiate recovery field. Many members of the CCRC never believed they would have the opportunity to attend college.  We offer students in recovery that second chance they once thought was impossible. We are grateful for the innovative partnerships that help us impact the lives of students in recovery and look forward to creating more partnerships in order to expand the number of students we can support.  

Across the country, there is an increased demand for services that the CCRC provides. We welcome your support of the CCRC through additional scholarships, increased staffing, and funding of operational costs to reach our goal of serving 75 MORE! students. The CCRC staff-to-student ratio is a vital aspect of providing students with adequate recovery, educational, and emotional support. These types of support are the cornerstone of creating a healthy collegiate recovery community. 

So far, Center partners and supporters have responded well to this this call for an increase in funding.

Increase in Services

The Texas Tech University Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CCRC) is exploring and developing a program to support students in mental health recovery modeled after the support services provided within the CCRC. In many respects, we are already serving this population as the vast majority of students who are members of the CCRC are also pursuing recovery for a mental health diagnosis. As a beginning step in this effort, the Center collaborated with the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) to provide mental health recovery meetings in our building with some of our staff and students trained as facilitators. 


Return to Face-to-Face CCRC Service and Teaching 

Beginning in the fall 2021 semester, we anticipate returning to face-to-face community fellowship, service, and teaching.  We are so excited to see our students in person at the Center.  Over the summer, we plan to reimagine our building so that it is more comfortable for our students, with the goal to create an environment beneficial to students, academically, socially and emotionally.      





Center for Students in Addiction Recovery