Texas Tech University

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities

Texas Tech's Collegiate Recovery Program Partnership to Increase Student Success Through Recovery

Texas Tech College Recovery Communities Best in the NationTexas Tech University's Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CCRC) in the College of Human Sciences was established in 1986 to offer support for students in recovery. The CCRC offers a community of support for students in recovery much like student-athletes and veterans receive on college campuses. With the support of programs like the CCRC, students are better equipped to achieve their college degrees.

Jeffrey M. Doman, President and CEO of Doman Capital Partners, Inc. and Doman Real Estate Partners, Inc. has worked in partnership with the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities since its days as the Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery. Now referred to as the CCRC, Jeffrey is eager to see the program benefit future Red Raiders. As an individual who has experienced recovery himself For over 26 years now, he says he felt a strong pull to help support students in Texas Tech's student recovery program.

Jeffrey is currently very active in the Dallas recovery community and served on the Board of the Dallas 24 Hour Club, a similar program that provides shelter and transitional living skills to homeless addicts. With the two programs having similar philosophies, Jeffrey is looking forward to the goal of bringing a 24 Hour Club candidate to study at Texas Tech through the CCRC program.

"It is absolutely an amazing and joyful experience to see many sober students go to college, and have a safe and supportive on-campus environment," Jeffrey said. "So many addicts have come from fractured family backgrounds, or have lost support or never had any at all. I feel so privileged to be able to give to the CCRC."

Jeffrey stressed that he attributes the success of running his own company to his recovery experience. His journey led to a desire to give back so that recovering students have the hope of a college degree.

Texas Tech College Recovery Communities Best in the Nation"My sponsor taught me the extreme value of giving back in all forms, including financially," Jeffrey said. "Because I see so many people in recovery that don't get a chance to go to college, that it is simply part of my 12th step work—to give back what I have freely received."

Since his first endowment to the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities, Jeffrey has stayed involved with the program and admires the similarity to his 24 Hour Club recovery program in Dallas. At a recent celebratory event at the CCRC, Jeffrey and many TTU students joined together on the steps of the CCRC to usher in the Power student service group, with plans for the student group to travel to the 24 Hour Club in Dallas.

"I strongly believe that it is not only serendipitous but will greatly raise awareness of and support for TTU CCRC and the 24 Hour Club, when both send the 1st student to college," Jeffrey said. "Dallas 24 is very well supported by many people, companies, and individuals throughout the DFW area. It's my vision and belief that it would be hugely celebrated & bring wonderful visibility to both organizations."

We thank Jeffrey for his support and commitment to the partnership with the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities and look forward to seeing the 24 Hour Club blossom.