Texas Tech University

Chinese Exchange Student Travels to Texas Tech to Study Hospitality & Retail Management

The fall semester brings new faces to the College of Human Sciences, and among those faces is Chinese foreign exchange student Huiyu Ma.

"My major was English when I was in China," Huiyu said. "I chose English as my major because I believe that language could be a tool for me to learn more knowledge."Huiyu Ma Chinese Foreign Exchange Student

Huiyu is taking a variety of classes at Texas Tech University during her one semester stay, but she has a particular affinity for fashion. Huiyu has enjoyed fashion merchandising, and particularly fashion history since her days in primary school. One of the main reasons why she chose to study in the Hospitality and Retail Management department in the College of Human Sciences is to learn more about the business side of fashion.

"One of the reasons why I want to choose this subject is to learn practical things like how to do retail effectively and efficiently."

Hospitality and Retail Management Associate Chairperson Deborah Fowler, Ph.D. said that Huiyu is very attentive and interested in learning about fashion history.

"This opportunity for her to study in the U.S. and be immersed in the English language and American culture will bring her a deeper understanding of both Americans and the non-textbook English," Dr. Fowler said.

Huiyu will go back to China to finish her bachelor's degree after this semester, but she hopes to one-day return to America for her master's degree. Texas Tech hosts around 3,000 international students a year, and the number continues to grow. More than 120 countries are represented at Texas Tech, but India, China, and Saudi Arabia have the largest student presence. Perhaps Huiyu will return to Texas Tech to earn her masters and join the ever growing international population.