Texas Tech University

College of Human Sciences December 2020 Banner Bearer

Ashley Brister

December 15, 2020

Cynthia Okeke

Human Sciences Major Cynthia Okeke is the December 2020 Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences (COHS) has selected Human Sciences major, Cynthia Okeke as the Banner Bearer for December 2020. Okeke graduates with minors in Chemistry and Biology and is an Honors Student.

“I chose Human Sciences as my major because it allows me to combine my love for helping others in a scientific and social aspect," Okeke said. "Being selected as the Banner Bearer and given the opportunity to represent the College of Human Sciences is a great honor. Now, I will be able to symbolize the great value that the college brings to its students. This is a position that I will uphold greatly upon graduation."

Okeke says that the faculty and student events in the College of Human Sciences stood out to her during her college experience when compared to other colleges on campus.

"The faculty under the college are all extremely helpful and are all dedicated to giving each student the most successful college experience. The social events keep the students in the college engaged and allows everyone to connect with each other. I appreciate how the College of Human Sciences feels like a family. The faculty are so welcoming, and they all refer students to each other, which creates connections within the community. I mainly enjoy the company of the advisors. They all have such positive energy and are passionate about their jobs and helping their students."

Following graduation, Okeke plans on taking a gap year to travel so that she can gain new connections and explore the world.

"When I am not traveling, I will be studying for my MCAT and applying to multiple medical schools. My ultimate goal is to become a Dermatologist and pursue a career that allows me to express my creative side."

Congratulations, Cynthia Okeke!