Texas Tech University

First-Generation Personal Financial Planning Alumnus Achieves CFP® Designation

Ashley Brister

April 27, 2021

PFP Alumni Profile: Angel Escobedo CFP

Angel Escobedo joins the 4% of Black and Hispanic financial advisors that hold CFP® credential

2017 Personal Financial Planning (PFP) alumnus Angel Escobedo currently works as a partner and financial advisor at Capasso Planning Partners in Austin, Texas. He recently passed the CFP® exam to become a Certified Financial Planner™. As a minority first-generation American and first-generation student, Escobedo is proud to add the credential to his name.

“In this field, being a minority really weighs on you,” Escobedo said. “There is a saying that many women and minorities feel they must work harder because we stand out. I found that to be true while working in the finance industry. Passing the CFP® exam and completing the requirements to place it next to my name helped me cement my place in the industry.”

As a partner, Escobedo assists the firm in creating a positive experience for clients and advisors, navigating between financial advisors, attorneys, and CPAs.

“While our clients have one advisor on paper, they all have the entire team building their plan,” Escobedo explained. “That allows all our partners to feel part of a cohesive team and provides the client a far superior plan.”

As a financial advisor for Capasso Planning Partners, he creates holistic financial plans that encompass areas such as retirement planning, tax minimization strategies, investment and estate/trust planning, college funding, and more.

Escobedo says he found the PFP bachelor's degree program when he enrolled in the Intro to Personal Financial Planning course as a freshman.

“I was blown away by the amount of what I considered to be more real-world skills I learned from that class,” Escobedo said. “At the time, I was pursuing a mechanical engineering degree, but after taking Intro to PFP, I talked to my advisor and my close mentors that helped me make the decision to change to Personal Financial Planning. It was the best decision I ever made. I enjoyed every single class I took in the PFP program.”

The idea of helping people overcome financial problems solidified his interest in the field and ultimately sealed the deal for a career choice in financial planning.

“After finishing my capstone class, I knew I wanted to build financial plans for a living. It was the most fun I had while in college, and it allowed me to use every bit of information I had learned in my classes. While not all of my plans now require a deep level of planning like my capstone did, the overall experience made it easier to build plans for my practice.”