Texas Tech University

Three Reasons to Add a Minor to Your College Degree Plan

Katherine Wilson

June 29, 2021

3 reasons to add a minor to your college degree plan

Adding a minor allows for students to gain advantages for future careers

The College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech offers a variety of minors for students. Students who add a minor are opting into taking an optional extra 18-credits, which will allow for them to be able to specialize in their area of interest. Here are three reasons why it is beneficial for students to add a minor to their degree plan. 

1. Minors allow college students to specialize in their degrees. Students can add a minor to their degree plan to learn about other interests, or a related field. Minors allow individuals to understand other aspects of their degrees while choosing to gain more knowledge on subjects while expanding career opportunities.  
2. Students are able to network with a wide range of people. A valuable point of adding a minor to a student's major is the opportunity to build more connections. Students can take more classes and network with individuals in new fields. 
3. Adding a minor can help improve a student's resume. Taking additional courses for a minor allows students to become more well-rounded in their major while studying a more specific area of interest. Students who add a minor to their degree will graduate with more career prospects. 

Learn more about COHS minors here: https://bit.ly/3xTWE6c