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Three Ways College Students Can Reflect and Understand If They Are Choosing The Right Degree Plan

Katherine Wilson

June 8, 2021

Three ways college students can choose what is the correct major for themselves

Students should explore the numerous degree options within the College of Human Sciences to place them on the correct career path

The College of Human Sciences offers a variety of degrees, allowing students to choose the correct degree for their career path. Students should reflect on past experiences and participate in internships during college to understand what their degree revolves around for future careers. Here are three ways to help students choose the correct degree plan.
1. Students discover their interests through life experiences. It is necessary to understand what past jobs or high school classes played a part in uncovering students' curiosities. Reflecting on former experiences can help bring to light students' interests and assist in the search of finding the correct degree option. 
2. Students are excited about their future career paths. A key factor in choosing the correct major is finding excitement in possible jobs stemming from a chosen degree plan. Students should know the different types of potential careers involving their degrees to understand whether or not it is the correct path for the future. 
3. Students should participate in internships and jobs related to their field. Internships are valuable because they provide work experience while helping students get a foot in the door of their future career. Internships also provide real-world work experience that allow students to gain a better understanding of their future career. 

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