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Three Ways for College Students to Stay Productive During Summer

Katherine Wilson

June 23, 2021

3 Ways for College Students to Stay Productive During Summer

How students can continue to be productive during summer break

Summer has begun for many college students, and, while many want to enjoy a break, it is also essential to stay productive. Students can take the opportunity of the long summer break by catching up on updating their resumes or creating a financial plan to stay on budget. Here are three ways students can continue to stay productive throughout the summer. 

1. Students can update their resumes for future careers. An essential element for students is to have their resumes updated in order to stay organized for possible job opportunities. Staying on top of adding projects and new jobs onto a resume can help students keep their resume fresh and all relevant information updated. 
2. Students can create a financial plan to help balance their budget during college. Throughout college, students can feel overwhelmed by expenses and staying on track of their budget. Students can create a plan to set realistic goals of saving money as well as staying within their budget. 
3. Students should continue to research their degrees. A degree in the College of Human Sciences offers individuals many opportunities to explore different career paths. During summer, students should take time to understand if their degree is the correct option for themselves.  

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