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3 Ways for College Students to Stay Motivated During Midterms

Katherine Wilson

March 23, 2021

3 Ways for College Students to Stay Motivated During Midterms

How to stay motivated during midterm season as a Texas Tech student

Midterm season is quickly approaching for college students, and it is time to start preparing for exams. While the semester may be halfway over, it is important to keep motivation high to achieve your goals. The pressure of studying for exams and writing papers can be stressful but also means students are one step closer to finishing classes. Here are three ways to stay focused while studying for midterms.
1. Study in intermittent stages to maintain a steady pace. The Pomodoro Technique is an easy way to stay on task of upcoming exam preparation by studying for twenty-five minutes and taking a five-minute break. Using the time-management method helps students be more productive in their studying due to the proficiency in managing to focus on one particular project at a time.
2. Changing up studying environments helps with students' ability to recall information. Go to a favorite coffee shop or the university's library to experience new surroundings, which helps in not sticking to the same routine. Switching up the location of studying is vital to engaging in the studying process. The College of Human Sciences has plenty of multimedia classrooms and computer labs that are helpful places to maintain motivation.
3. Meet up with friends to keep one another on track for studying. Encouragement is an important source of motivation, and friends can be the main characteristic of inspiration. Being able to turn to others while studying can be beneficial in maintaining accountability.

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