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5 Tips for Going Back to College in a New Semester

Katherine Wilson

March 9, 2021

5 Tips for Returning to a New College Semester Texas Tech

Tips and tricks for a successful semester at Texas Tech

Welcome back! Texas Tech is excited to have the campus fill up with TTU students coming back for a new semester. Beginning new classes and getting back to long studying hours is a thrilling experience and one that can be unfamiliar to some students. Here are five ways to help get you through the academic semester in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech.

  1. Staying organized is an essential step to having a successful semester. Planners help reduce stress by keeping different assignment due dates organized. Plus, now there are apps for students to download on mobile devices to always have on hand.
  2. Remember to study and don't wait until the last minute. Staying on top of your homework allows students to have a better sleeping routine to help with mental health.
  3. Get involved with Human Sciences student organizations. Student organizations offer the ability to make connections with other students as well as the opportunity to learn skills for future careers.
  4. Keeping up with your mental health is important. Make sure to take time for yourself by watching a movie, going for a run, or calling up a friend. Study breaks are crucial for students to be able to pause to find motivation in continuing to do homework.
  5. Utilize free campus resources. Student resources offer numerous opportunities to succeed. See what resources are offered at places like the Graduate Writing Center and COHS Academic Advising office.

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