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How to Network for Your Future Career in the College of Human Sciences

Katherine Wilson

March 30, 2021

How to Network for Your Future Career in the College of Human Sciences

3 ways the College of Human Sciences can help students make professional connections

As college students begin their journey to their career path, it is important to start networking. An essential element when starting a new career is connecting with individuals who have a solid understanding of the skills required in the workforce. Networking allows for students to become involved in their chosen profession while gaining knowledge about the many tasks surrounding the job. Here are three ways to network within the College of Human Sciences.

1. Start to make connections with professors. Instructors are not only experts in teaching their classes but in their careers as well, which allows students to get a foot in the door of their dream career. In addition, participate in class and take advantage of the knowledge professors have in their careers by asking questions.
2. Find an internship. When students graduate college, it is important to have some experience in their future careers. An internship allows for students to apply classroom criteria to real-world expectations. There is no better way to find people to learn from than individuals who are currently working in their field.
3. Joining a student organization helps create relationships with other students; Student organizations in the College of Human Sciences aid students in finding a place of involvement. One benefit to joining a student organization is the ability to practice skills needed in a professional setting. Learning how to work as a part of a team is another advantage to participating in group settings.

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