Texas Tech University

College of Human Sciences December 2021 Banner Bearer

Ashley Brister

November 29, 2021

Solon Hamer, banner bearer for COHS

Solon Hamer selected as fall banner bearer for December graduation ceremony

Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management (RHIM)

What is your major?

  • My major is RHIM

What is your hometown?

  • When I first arrived, I came from Dallas, TX. I moved to Navarre, FL in 2020.

Why did you choose your major?

  • I chose RHIM because I thought I could find a career that would allow me to continue serving people and successfully run a business that embodies my personality.

What stands out about the College of Human Sciences?

  • The College of Human Sciences stands out because everybody in that college works hard to make sure that we can succeed both in college and in life. People always look out for each other, and almost anybody can find a career with the College of Human Sciences.

What does it feel like to be selected as the Banner Bearer?

  • It is a huge honor to be selected as the Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences. I have always strived to do well and help others, but this honor makes me realize that I have done well beyond my expectations and hopefully inspired others to do the same.

How will the skills and knowledge that you have gained in the College of Human Sciences benefit your future?

  • The skills I have developed will allow me to be a better person and communicate more efficiently. I will also be able to interact better with different types of people whether I'm working with them or serving them.

What do you most enjoy about the College of Human Sciences?

  • I appreciate the people and opportunities offered to me through the College of Human Sciences.

What are your career plans/next steps?

  • After I graduate, I will start the Disney College Program on February 7, 2022. It has been my goal to work for Disney, and I hope this experience helps me figure out exactly what I want to do. I currently see myself one day working as a General Manager of a resort after years of experience.