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College of Human Sciences Establishes Dean’s Advisory Council

Mallory Collins

September 27, 2022

Dean’s Advisory Council

Dean’s Advisory Council will set out to make strategic decisions for the college’s future

The Dean's Advisory Council is a group comprised of alumni, donors, and business contacts who volunteer their time as advocates and advisors to the College of Human Sciences (COHS) dean at Texas Tech University. The goal of the council is to engage with alumni and current students to help with strategic decisions for the future of the college. 

"It is an honor to work alongside COHS alumni who are respected in their career fields and bring an amazing depth of knowledge and excitement to the council," said Shawnte Clawson, alumna and council member. "I am impressed by their desire to provide extraordinary, real-world experiences for our current college students as well as being mindful of ways to keep our alumni engaged and connected."

Tim Dodd, Ph.D., is the current dean of the College of Human Sciences. He says that the 2022-2023 council members' backgrounds in businesses, education, non-profit organizations, and other fields have great potential to positively shape the college's trajectory. 

"Each of our members brings a unique experience to our meetings and interactions," Dodd said. "With their input, we can direct our efforts to improve our students' educational experiences and continue to make an impact within the community."

The council's purpose is to guide the dean in areas of academic success, impart suggestions on strategic initiatives that prepare graduates for working in their respective fields and set the college apart from other Colleges of Human Sciences across the U.S. 

"Our graduates are well prepared to become leaders in a rapidly changing world," said Bess Haley, former dean of the college and council member. "Our programs are nationally recognized and continue to be innovative and inspiring to meet the needs of individuals across the life span. We celebrate college achievements and discuss new opportunities and challenges."

Council members serve as ambassadors of the college in their workplaces, communities, and at college-sponsored events by promoting the value of Human Sciences in our world. In partnership with college leadership, they help develop and implement initiatives that support the College of Human Sciences' strategic priorities, and support and connect with a diverse community of stakeholders across multiple backgrounds, generations, and geographical locations. 

"My favorite experience of serving on the dean's advisory council has been getting to meet people from all walks of life that have had the opportunity to come through the College of Human Sciences," said Kacee Roberts Sellers, alumna and council member. "We are all here for one cause: to help make the College of Human Sciences the best it can be for the amazing Texas Tech Student Body!" 

2022-2023 Dean's Advisory Council:

  • Carol Anderson Bell
  • Carla Higley Holeva
  • Elizabeth G. "Bess" Haley
  • Jenny Siede
  • Kacee Sellers
  • Kati Starkey
  • Larry Vanderwoude
  • Liesl Wyett
  • Mary Hise Brown
  • Melissa Costa
  • Mesha Kleibrink
  • Michael Palmer 
  • Shawnte Clawson
  • Scott Pettit