Texas Tech University

College of Human Sciences December 2022 Banner Bearer

Mallory Collins

December 5, 2022

Tyla Oliver

Tyla Oliver selected as fall banner bearer for December graduation ceremony

What is your major?

  • Human Sciences

What is your hometown?

  • San Antonio, Texas

Why did you choose your major?

  • I will soon be a graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Sciences with a focus on addictive behaviors, health professions, and family dynamics to provide a well-rounded understanding as a professional working with and catering to many different people. I think that this degree pushes me towards my goal of understanding others better to help them to the best of my ability. I have a goal of making a difference within my community and empowering other individuals, and I chose this degree to help me grow in knowledge to reach my goal.

What stands out about the College of Human Sciences?

  • The College of Human Sciences stands out because of how diverse and vast the programs are. I think it's amazing that the College of Human Sciences blossoms future nurses, fashion designers, nutritionists, and overall jobs that improve people's perceptions, health, and confidence. I think it is so powerful to be a student in the College of Human Sciences because of the creativity, passion, and determination of its students and staff. It is also an incredibly welcoming environment, and I have been able to make a lot of meaningful connections through this wonderful college.

What does it feel like to be selected as the Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences?

  • It is an honor to be selected as the Banner Bearer for the College of Human Sciences. It means a lot to be the face representing this college during this period of time and I am incredibly proud to be honored with the privilege to do so. I genuinely want to utilize what I have learned from the College of Human Sciences to make a worldwide change and improve my community for the better. I believe in order for me to grow a garden of success, it is necessary to plant the seeds now. I really appreciate how the College of Human Sciences has been able to stand with my mission and allow me to represent the college in a beautiful and giving way.
    How will the skills and knowledge that you have gained in the College of Human Sciences benefit your future? I have learned a significant amount about establishing effective communication techniques, how to build lasting professional relationships, and how to make your goals and dreams a reality.

What do you most enjoy or appreciate about the College of Human Sciences?

  • I love the College of Human Sciences because of the curriculum that allows for open communication and the constant exchange of ideas. There are so many different topics that we have covered within the curriculum for my major that have broadened my mindset. I am so thankful to have been a part of the College of Human Sciences and I will be raving about the amazing staff and students throughout the next stages of my life!

What are your career plans/next steps?

  • I have a lot of different goals that I am actively attempting to reach in the near future. I plan on beginning a full-time position focusing on the department of finance, marketing, or human relations in the field of healthcare. I also am working on starting a few businesses where I get to pursue my passions, which include designing clothes and becoming a social media manager. The possibilities are endless and that's something I can definitely say that being a part of this college taught me.