Texas Tech University

Apparel Design and Manufacturing Alumnus Creates Designs for NFL Dallas Cowboys/81Eighty

Breck Gavin

June 8, 2023

Tanner Jordan

Tanner Jordan uses his passion for creativity and design to contribute to the apparel industry

Tanner Jordan received his bachelor's degree in Apparel Design and Manufacturing (ADM) in August 2021. Prior to completing his degree, he also completed a seven-month-long internship that gave him experience in what a career in this field would be like. Today, Jordan is an associate designer for the Dallas Cowboys/81Eighty in Dallas, Texas.

Jordan's job involves many components that allow him to be hands on in every step of creating and producing apparel designs from start to finish, which typically is about a year and a half long process.

Researching trends, creating mood boards, conducting fittings and communicating with factories make up a small list of the necessary steps he takes to complete a design that, for him, yields a very rewarding result.

“I'm creating well-fitting garments that are up to trend and affordable for our clients,” Jordan said. “I think probably the most memorable thing about my job is seeing other people wear your designs proudly out in the world and loving what you created from scratch.”

Jordan compares his time and experience gained in the Texas Tech ADM program to something that many people are familiar with, driving school.

“I think the best way to put it is like driving school before you get your permit/license,” Jordan said. “The TTU ADM program gives you the foundation to go out into the industry and learn once you are there. You never really know or can experience the industry till you get yourself out there, so knowing the foundation helps to better yourself when you get that first job so you can better succeed.”

Looking to the future, Tanner is excited about continuing to be involved in the complete fashion design process for the Dallas Cowboys/81Eighty.

“I love my job because I'm not tied down to one certain aspect of the industry,” Jordan said. “I'm literally doing everything from working with different fabrics, designing, tech design, fitting, sample managing, literally all of it. I enjoy this because in this early part of my career I can touch part of the design world and see what I am truly passionate about.”