Texas Tech University

School of Financial Planning Alumnus Serves on the National Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association

Matilda Beckanovic

June 6, 2023


Meet Dennis Moore, Personal Financial Planning alumnus who is working to prepare future financial planners for their careers

Dennis Moore graduated from the College of Human Sciences with a degree in Personal Financial Planning (PFP) in 2004. Moore gained his Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Management and Leadership from Texas Tech University. Moore currently serves on the National Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association (FPA). 

The FPA is the leading membership organization for Certified Financial Planners™ and those engaged in the financial planning process. The primary aim is to elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial planning. Moore served FPA this year as past president but still continues to work on the executive committee. 

“I continue to serve on the executive committee as well as chair a couple of our FPA committees,” Moore said. “I also join my fellow executive committee members in representing FPA in various ways, such as at our annual advocacy day in Washington, D.C., as well as speaking at various FPA conferences, such as the retreat and annual conference.”

Moore first joined FPA as a student at Texas Tech and served as a liaison between the Texas Tech Personal Financial Planning Association (PFPA) and the FPA of West Texas chapter. During Moore's time with the PFPA, he volunteered to work the Texas Tech booth at the FPA's annual conference in New Orleans, the following year, he was elected President of the Texas Tech PFPA.

“Once I graduated, I moved to Dallas and joined the career development committee for the FPA of Dallas/Fort Worth chapter,” Moore said. “Not long after that, I moved back to Lubbock for graduate school, and during that time I served on the board of directors for the West Texas FPA, and ultimately served as president.” 

He went on to spend a couple of years as an advocacy and career development director for the Financial Planning Association of Dallas/Fort Worth. He was then elected to the Executive Committee and served as president of the FPA of Dallas/Fort Worth. Moore shares how impactful and rewarding the financial planning profession is. 

“It's impactful not only to those working with a financial planner but to society overall,” Moore said. “FPA plays a critical role in the development of this emerging profession, and being able to play any part in that is special to me. To be involved, and certainly to serve as president, is such an honor. It's humbling, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of something so special.”

The Personal Financial Planning program at Texas Tech prepares its students for all aspects of their financial planning careers. Students master financial planning fundamentals and gain the opportunity to give back to their communities. 

“The PFP program taught me what it takes to succeed in this business,” Moore said. “Financial planning has such a positive impact – on those engaged with a financial planner as well as society as a whole. It is a great mix of business, people, relationships, and ultimately making a difference in the lives of others.”