Texas Tech University

In Memoriam: Former Academic Advisor Ann Bush

Samantha Salazar

October 25, 2023

Ann Bush

Ann Bush Memorial

Ann Bush was hired in June 1992 at Texas Tech University under the College of Home Economics, now College of Human Sciences. She worked as Academic Program Assistant, followed by Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, and retired as Unit Coordinator on January 31, 2010.

Ann fulfilled the role of an academic advisor before advising was considered a profession on the global level. She strived for success and pushed boundaries to create an environment encouraging student success and empowerment. She never met a stranger and made every student and staff member feel important and heard. Ann led staff to look past grades, first impressions, and numbers to reach what made every student unique. She was someone colleagues and students like felt they could trust. Throughout her years at Texas Tech, she touched the lives of many.

Ashlee Brown, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Services, shares her life-changing experience with Bush.

"In 2006, I walked into her office and said, ‘I need a job.',” Brown said. “I just withdrew from my graduate degree and was totally lost. ‘Oh, Ashlee, I am delighted! Yes, we have a place for you in academic advising!' I can count on one hand the people who took a chance on me professionally and led me to where I am. Ann was the first! That was almost 20 years ago, but there is never a day that passes where I don't think about what she would do for her students and staff. I still occasionally run across one of her hand-written notes in my file cabinet, and I can't help but smile. She loved fiercely, empowered others, and even on the late, late, late nights she never faltered in her belief in people. I am blessed to have known her! She made ALL the difference!"

Erlene McNeill, a coworker of Ann's for eight years, expresses her appreciation for Ann's dedication to the field of advising. 

"I cherish my fond memories of her as a friend and as a strong advocate for student,” McNeill said. “Her expertise and knowledge of the curriculum in the college was exceptional. She worked tirelessly hand in hand with administrators, faculty and staff. Her bubbly personality and her witty sense of humor were loved by all. Though she will be greatly missed, her legacy as a friend and student advocate will live on in the lives she touched!”

Steve Harris, Ph.D., a long-time coworker of Ann's, shares his gratitude for her leadership.

"Ann's leadership was one of the reasons our students felt like human sciences was a home away from home,” Harris said. “Ann made sure that everything she did was focused on helping students live up to their full academic potential. She developed a summer orientation model for incoming students and their parents that drove students to human sciences majors. She embodied love and understanding while helping students learn how to learn and advocate for themselves. She was a bright light and a warm heart to all who knew her and worked with her."

Cindy Villegas, a past student of Ann, shares Ann's impact on her life. 

"Ann was actually my advisor when I transferred into the college,” Villegas said. “She was instrumental in changing my career life. She made a huge impact and assisted me with my college career when no one else was available. Ann touched the lives of so many students and gave everything she had to help her students navigate through the process of orientation through graduation. It's something that has stayed with me and many others…her love of the students. She was definitely one of a kind."