Texas Tech University

New Mental Health Support Program Established for Texas Tech Students

Samantha Salazar

January 31, 2023


The Collegiate Mental Health Recovery Community offers aid to Texas Tech students seeking mental wellness.

The Collegiate Mental Health Recovery Community (CMHRC) is a newly developed program that offers mental health services to all Texas Tech students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Thomas Kimball, Ph.D., Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences professor and former Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CCRC) director, will lead the program.

The CMHRC offers various support groups for students based on their specific needs and activities to mingle and develop a sense of community. An area has also been designated specifically for students within the program on the second floor of the CCRC building. This area offers tables, couches, snacks, coffee, a TV, and other items, for students to lounge around and hang out with their peers. 

“We hope this area will allow students who feel isolated to connect with others,” shared Serena Shade, CMHRC senior recovery professional. “A primary goal for the CMHRC is to help students achieve mental wellness. We want to help any student on campus that we can.”

As an activity to bring students together and create a healthy morning routine, students are welcome to join morning meditation gatherings. The meditations start with a reading from a mental health daily reflection book and last about 20 minutes. Besides support groups tailored to a specific mental illness, the CMHRC coordinates general mental health groups where students can hang out and check in about their week. These groups incorporate activities that promote mental wellness and are about an hour long. 

The CMHRC aims to be more than a program by providing a community for individuals looking to improve their mental wellness. Students do not have to have a diagnosed mental illness to join the program. Many college students feel stressed or overwhelmed with life or school, which may negatively impact their mental health. All Texas Tech students wanting to join a community of individuals looking to improve their mental health are encouraged to contact Serena Shade at serena.shade@ttu.edu or 806.834.4544 and are welcome to tour the CMHRC area.