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Apparel Design & Manufacturing Program Hosts 2023 TechStyle Annual Fashion Show, presented by Sideline

Mallory Collins

May 15, 2023

2023 TechStyle Fashion Show

The Texas Tech Department of Design undergraduate students showcase personal collections at annual fashion show

Texas Tech's Department of Design hosts the 2023 TechStyle Annual Fashion Show, presented by Sideline. Apparel Design and Manufacturing senior undergraduate students had the unique opportunity to showcase a collection of their original pieces. The show featured designs created by ADM students that were selected by a panel of judges. Students worked all year to bring these designs to life and received awards for their creations. 

Fashion Show 2023Annual Fashion Awards

Winning Design Sketch For Event Marketing: 

Created by, Angelica Murillo

Fashion Group International Scholarship Competition:

Apparel Sustainability 1st Place - Hannah Trostle

Apparel Sustainability 2nd Place - Cecilie Nielsen

Apparel Sustainability 3rd Place - Jessica Bucek

Black Tie/Bridal 3rd Place - Jillian Hackett

Director's Choice - Kailey Itri

FERRAH Internship - Emily Rosilier

FERRAH Internship - Hannah Trostle

ADM Student

International Textiles and Apparel Association:

Ashes to Ashes - Hannah Trostle

Hallowed Shores - Hannah Trostle

Although I Must Leave, I Take A Part Of You With Me - Angelica Murillo

Recuerdo - Melissa Rosales


Presenting Sponsor- Sideline

Atelier Sponsor- Regent Dustin R. Womble and Leisha Womble

Haute Couture Sponsors- Lillie's Bridal Boutique & Joyce Perkins

Designer Sponsor- Cardinal's Sports Center

Trendsetter Sponsor- Texas Tech School of Art Printmaking Program