Texas Tech University

Early Childhood Education Student Inspired by her Montessori Experience to get Certified and Teach Children in Non-Traditional Environment

Matilda Beckanovic

April 18, 2023

Anum Javeed

Anum Javeed focuses on helping future generations of children learn and explore while becoming gracious and kind-hearted people

Anum Javeed is an Early Childhood Education (ECE) major expecting to graduate in May 2026. Javeed is passionate about helping students find purpose and inspiring them to learn and explore. She said she wants to set students up to be gracious, kind-hearted, educated, and dependable citizens of the world. 

“The influence of a teacher upon a young child is everlasting regarding their independence, character, and holistic well-being,” Javeed said. “Working with the little ones through my student-teaching experiences has been an absolute joy, and I've developed this passion for inspiring and positively impacting their lives the same way my favorite teachers have done for me.”

Early Childhood Education majors take two courses at the Childhood Development Research Center (CDRC), where they are immersed in hands-on experience directly with children in a learning environment. These courses allow students to interact with children and staff, form meaningful relationships, and further understand the child approach the CDRC has implemented. Javeed shares what skills she has learned through her time in the program.

“My skills vary from administrative and clerical tasks to interpersonal communication that equips me to effectively make an impact through implementing the knowledge to improve and enhance the human condition,” Javeed said. 

The College of Human Sciences and the ECE program work to prepare students to learn and gain experience for their future careers and to help them find their true passions. The Early Childhood Education degree gives their students different learning environments for children so that students can decide what kind of certificate they want based on the different teaching environments. 

“Following undergraduate school, I'll become Montessori Certified,” Javeed said. “My goal is to work in the non-traditional teaching environment presented to Montessori instructors, specializing in the age range of infants-preschool. Coming from a Montessori background myself, I'm passionate about helping children learn, and I find the philosophy very fascinating and beneficial.”

The ECE program focuses on giving students a foundation for a career as early childhood educators. Students receive direct learning opportunities in early education and targeted preparation for the early childhood teacher certification exam.