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Shared Equipment and Facilities

To encourage awareness and sharing of facilities and major equipment on campus, the College of Human Sciences Research Office maintains the following list.

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  • Nutritional Sciences (NS): Contact Nikhil Dhurandhar
    • Research Space
      • Nutrition and Metabolic Health Initiative: 
        • Clinical research space and facilities and staff 
        • Phlebotomy facilities
        • Room for group sessions
        • Room with exercise equipment for studies
        • Metabolic kitchen to prepare human research diets 
    • Equipment
      • Vegemeter - to estimate fruits and vegetable intake in humans
      • DXA: Equipment for determining muscle mass, body fat and bone mass and density
      • Equipment for determining calorie needs for humans (respirometer and hand-held respirometer)
      • Equipment for determining body composition for humans (BOD-POD, Body impedance analyzer )
      • Calorie requirement in mice (metabolic cages)
  • Department of Design (DOD): Contact Kristi Gaines
    • Equipment
      • Body scanner
      • 3D printer
      • Computers with Revit, CAD, and Photoshop
  • Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS): Contact Dana Weiser
  • Research Space
    • One large conference room (501G, seats ~20 people)
    • Two small interview rooms (501N, seats 4 people; Weeks Hall, seats 4 people)
    • Two research spaces with audiovisual recording (in 501 suite) 
    • Coding lab (504)
    • CDRC spaces, Room 108G (observation), Room 108H (interview), Room 108J (control room)
      Center for Early Head Start (observation)
  •  Equipment
    • In 504 Coding lab: 12 computers with headphones, SPSS, Mplus, Audcacity, Adobe, Office, and 4 have ChildPlus.net; 9 Logitech ExtremePro joysticks)
    • Biopac MP160 system + two wireless devices to collect RSA and EDA data in dyads
    • 8 Language Environmental Analysis (LENA) wireless recorders, LENA vests and chargers for recorders, and LENA software (this will expire in a year unless renewed, so the equipment will become useless without the software which requires subscription).
    • 1 VR headset and laptop to run VR + 1 monitor in the lab to connect the laptop to
    • Physio equipment (heart rate)
  • Hospitality and Retail Management (HRM): Contact Robert Jones
    • Research Space
      • Culinary labs on the 2nd (286) and 6th floor (605)
      • Weeks Hall on the second floor
    • Equipment
      • Full range of culinary equipment
  • School of Financial Planning (PFP): Contact Sarah Asebedo
    • Research Space
      • Schwab lab with video room and computers
    • Equipment
      • Alienware gaming desktop with Stata MP (a multi-processor version of Stata that people can use to speed up computations)
  • Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences (CFAS): Contact Douglas Smith
    • Research Space
      • Opportunities for collaborative use of space at the Children's Behavioral Health Center located in the UMC Medical Office Plaza.
      • Therapy/consulting space
    • Equipment
      • Teletherapy computer resources