Texas Tech University

Undergraduate and Graduate Research

COHS Undergraduate Research Experience Program Winners

Student(s)  Department  Advisor   Research Title 
Rebecca Steinman  Human Sciences  Christy Rogers  Physician Assistant (PA) motivation and job satisfaction before and after COVID-19 to assess differences based on chronic stress
Anna Batalova & 
Samantha Herndon 
Design  Debajyoti Pati  Innovative design for health: From contemporary health issues to innovative solutions through design 
Reina Raj  Nutritional Sciences  Allison Childress  Effect of e-culinary medicine utilizing the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) diet on patient empowerment for disease management and health quality of life of women with PCOS      
Gina Camacho & 
Paloma Vargas 
Design  Erin Hamilton  Increasing environmental awareness and eco-behaviors for undergraduate students living in a residence hall  
Aleeza Mason  Biochemistry  Dana Weiser  Black women's experiences and perspectives of interracial relationships 
Beni Hamuli  Microbiology  Dana Weiser  The association between infidelity and internalized homonegativity 
Sara Phy  Nutritional Sciences  Oak-Hee Park  Healthy Eating and Long-Term Habits (HEALTH) for high school students in rural Texas    
Skylar Blount  Hospitality & Retail Management  Julie Chang  The application of virtual fashion technology to enhance spatial visualization skills and self-esteem for older adults 

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