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Department of Interdisciplinary Arts
Ph.D. in Fine Arts
Interdisciplinary Arts Track

Ph.D. in Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Arts Track

While all the the Tracks within the Fine Arts PhD program at Texas Tech have interdisciplinary DNA, the Interdisciplinary Arts Track was developed for students who find their research and career goals straddling two or three disciplines equally, especially if one of those disciplines lies outside those traditionally defined as Fine Arts. Current students in the Interdisciplinary Arts track are combining Music, Dance, Art, and Theatre with Anthropology, Educational Curriculum studies, Psychology, and Computer Science. Other pairings and crossovers are possible with sufficient discussion and lead time with the IA Track coordinator.


Students choose two or three disciplinary concentrations to comprise their overall IA Track curriculum; they participate in the 15-hour Interdisciplinary Arts core curriculum along with students from all other Tracks, and work closely with the IA Track Coordinator and with faculty advisors from their respective concentrations to develop and lay out their own customized course of study.







Heather Warren-Crow

Heather Warren-Crow
Director of the Fine Arts Doctoral Program

Aaron Chavarria

Aaron Chavarria
Assistant Director for Student Success

Department of Interdisciplinary Arts

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