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Come get the FAQTS about LGBTQIA life at Tech! FAQTS is an affinity space focused on serving students in their first year at Texas Tech who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and/or asexual (LGBTQIA), or are questioning their gender or sexuality. However, all students searching for resources and community are welcome to attend. Each week, FAQTS invites a speaker to share about LGBTQIA-affirming resources on and off campus. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the many resources available for Texas Tech students!

Fall 2021

During fall 2021, FAQTS meets on Thursdays from 2 – 3 p.m. in either Doak Hall. You can also join us virtually via Zoom. Register on TechConnect (linked to each week below) to receive the Zoom link.

Below are our topics for the fall semester:

  • September 2: First-Year Mixer
    • Location: Doak Hall room 119
    • Description: Learn about LGBTQIA communities on campus from some of our student leaders! We will also have board and card games available for folks to start making new connections!
  • September 9: Navigating Names and Gender Markers
    • Location: Doak Hall room 119
    • Description: We will provide resources from the Office of the Registrar and University ID Office related to changing your chosen first name and gender marker in the university system. Furthermore, our guest speaker Shanae Salter, JD., attorney at Student Legal Services, will share how to pursue a legal name and gender marker change in Texas.
  • September 16: Mental Health
    • Location: Doak Hall room 119
    • Description: Our guest speaker Dr. Amanda Wheeler, assistant director, coordinator of outreach services at the Student Counseling Center, will speak about mental health resources available for LGBTQIA students. Furthermore, she will lead a discussion on how to take care of your own mental heatlh.
  • September 23: Accessing LGBTQIA Healthcare
    • Location: Doak Hall room 119
    • Description: Guest speaker Dr. Erika Radford, assistant medical director of TTU Student Health Services, will share resources on accessing LGBTQIA healthcare on campus. Services offered by Student Health Services include providing access to birth control, hormone therapy, STI testing and care, HIV/AIDS prevention (i.e. PrEP), and more. Furthermore, Dr. Radford can provide resources for students with questions about health record privacy and insurance.
  • September 30: Queer Career Support
    • Location: Doak Hall room 119
    • Description: Guest speaker Ashley Penner, associate director of student development at the University Career Center, will share career resources available for students. She will discuss issues especially pertinent to LGBTQIA students, including finding LGBTQIA-affirming internships and work opportunities, navigating gender-affirming business professional wear (as well as on-campus resources such as the UCC Career Closet), and more.
  • October 7: Library Study Break
    • Room: Doak Hall room 119
    • Description: Guest speaker Joshua Salmans, outreach & engagement librarian in and LGBTQIA education & engagement liaison to the University Libraries, will share resources available for students at the library, including personal librarians, study guides, and more. He will also introduce the LGBTQIA Education & Engagement study guide, useful for anybody pursuing research in topics of gender and sexuality. Finally, we will hold a shared study space as we enter into midterms season.
  • October 21: Inclusive Sex Ed
    • Location: Doak Hall room 119
    • Description: Program staff and peer educators from the Risk Intervention Safety Education (RISE) office will present on LGBTQIA-inclusive sexual education. Furthermore, they will share the resources available from RISE, including workshops on alcohol and drugs, bystander intervention, consent and sexual assault, and stress management.

Register via TechConnect (just search "FAQTS") or by emailing Office administrator Stephen Chao. We hope to see you there!


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